LEGO Education Large Building Plates

For children of all ages.

What is LEGO Education Large Building Plates?

These are meant for children who are into building things and using their imagination to produce a unique building or other structure.

The building plates give the child a great base for them to use their other LEGO products to build a structure of some sort.


Green large building base lego

The durable plastic comes in various colors and sizes so that your little one can choose which size and color they want to build with.

The plastic is thick so that those tiny fingers pressing the LEGO pieces into place won’t break the building plates.

It is compatible with all of the LEGO styles out there, so you know that any previous or future LEGO purchases will fit with it unless clearly stated otherwise.

For children young and old, the plates are valuable so that your structure has a solid base and you can create a “yard” for the house you build on it.

Who are LEGO Education Large Building Plates for?

The LEGO building plates are perfect for those who have played with and love LEGO in the past.

It is recommended that your child be at least four years old to enjoy playing with the plates and LEGO, but there is no maximum age limit.

LEGO large building plates green base

Children that are twelve or thirteen even enjoy playing with LEGO, and for this reason it can be a great lesson in sharing between younger and older siblings.

Whether your child is a beginner or experienced LEGO user, this is a great purchase for them to unleash their imagination.

This is a great toy for those who like to play alone or with friends. It will entertain your child from a young age to an older one, they won’t outgrow it in a few months.

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Why should you buy LEGO Education Large Building Plates?

By giving your child a solid base for their LEGO building, the plates can help them learn spatial awareness, so they’ll understand that in order to build a large house, they’ll have to use two plates instead of one.

The size and colour difference will help them learn how to tell the difference between the sizes.

The building plates will make your little one more likely to play with LEGO, as they’ll be able to create multiple structures at a time, or just one large one that makes them happy and feel as though they’ve accomplished a large project.

They may even learn a thing or two about keeping their LEGO pieces together by having a building plate to store it on.

Lego education large building plates

Cons for LEGO Large Building Base:

•    If your child is just getting into LEGO, this is just the first purchase you will have to make, LEGO comes with a lot of options, all in separate kits.
•    If sharing with others, there might be fights over which color each child wants.  Same goes for the size difference.

Pros for LEGO Large Building Base:

•    The building plates give your child a place to anchor their creations, so all of their mess stays in one area.
•    The LEGO will become easily transportable by using these bases.
•    Durable plastic that won’t crack during temper tantrums.
•    No noise!
•    Versatile and reusable

Final thoughts:

The LEGO large building plates are great for those experienced with LEGO or new to the game.

They are durable toys and parts that will withstand those times when they are treated roughly, or the building gets smashed down by a Godzilla of some kind!

This is an educational toy with plenty of potential in showing teamwork and spatial awareness for children of all ages to enjoy.



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