LEGO Education Space and Airport Set

LEGO Education Space and Airport Set toys for childrenAge range: 4 years and up.

What is LEGO Education Space and Airport Set?

LEGO is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to children’s educational toys, and are so iconic that even adults love to unleash their creativity with these plastic blocks.

Boiled down to the basics, all products released by Lego are small plastic bits and pieces that are supposed to be put together. But there’s no set way to do it, and a child can enjoy creative freedom when putting together a LEGO set.


The LEGO Education Space and Airport set consists of over 1176 pieces to build space shuttles, helicopters, planes, etc. It aims to introduce concepts like space-exploration, aliens, planets, etc.

These can be assembled as a group activity with upto 5 children. In addition to the pieces, it comes with an activity card and a large storage contained to hold all the toys.

LEGO Education Space and Airport Set for kids playing

Who is LEGO Education Space and Airport Set for?

LEGO sets, as you probably know, consist of various small pieces that can easily be swallowed by young children, and so are a choking hazard. This is why LEGO sets should be kept away from little children.

It is recommended to gift to a child who is at least four years old, and there’s no upper age limit to this set because it is timeless and can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

LEGO Education Space and Airport Set toy reviews

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Why should you buy LEGO Education Space and Airport Set?

LEGO sets can massively improve problem-solving skills, and can inculcate a ‘Do it yourself’ skill within children, and makes them more resourceful.

LEGO set also foster creativity, what with the seemingly limitless number of permutations and the lack of a strict procedure to put together the set that really helps children to get creative.

Putting together LEGO sets requires a lot of hand-movement and concentration, so motor skills and hand-eye coordination skills would also be improved.

Forget the creative side of it. Forget the skill-building aspect of it. Building LEGO structures is extremely fun, and you can be sure that your child would enjoy it.

Furthermore, LEGO sets aren’t like other toys in that children get bored of them. They are classics, and can be enjoyed even when your children are much more older.

The creative aspect of it, i.e the ability to modify just about every element of this structure also helps, since it means that the set would never get boring. At least not till your children’s imagination runs out.

LEGO Education Space and Airport Set

Cons for LEGO Education Space and Airport Set:

1. There are various small parts that are a choking hazard for children
2. For some parts of the structure, there are no instructions available, and that may frustrate children who are looking for immediate gratification

Pros for LEGO Education Space and Airport Set:

1. LEGO toys are as sturdy as ever, and you can be sure that they are long lasting
2. Immense “replayability”
3. Lots of room for creativity
4. Inculcates essential skills within children
5. Is a lot of fun, and age is seemingly no barrier



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