Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset

Little-tikes Activity Garden Baby

Age Range: 6 months to 3 years.

What is Little Tikes Activity Garden Playset?

The Little Tikes Activity Garden is a little fort that your kids can spend their time in that features a variety of activities on all parts of the structure.

The doors, windows, walls, and more all have things to do from shape matching to playing with balls. For the kids who don’t want it to be a fort or for variety the play center can be opened up into a two-sided open space for kids to adventure and experience the multiple activities.


Most of the activities are built into the house in a way that seems natural. A spy glass allows them to watch out for adults approaching their fort while the mailbox has a shape matching activity.

An archway and slide allow for playtime just like at the park. Mounted on the door is a piano that might end up driving you nuts but will make your kid giggle and be their first foray into the musical world.

Activity Garden Baby Playset for the little children

Who is Little Tikes Activity Garden Playset for?

This play center was developed for kids age 6 months to 3 years but it is definitely more geared towards the younger range.

The older your kid gets the sooner they will lose the ability to fit in the Little Tikes Activity Garden and the sooner different activities will get boring.

Activity Garden Baby Playset toy

But for the younger age range this toy center is a bundle of fun. It is a whole mix of toys and activities all bundled into one.

The various activities will promote your kids being inquisitive and finding out what each activity is. Many of the different activities work to develop fine motor skills through small challenges and thinking.

Your infants will also learn facial identification by having a mirror which allows them to look at themselves. Despite having some electronic features, there are no screens or controllers and this forces your kid to use their imagination and experience a true play environment.

Activity Garden Baby Playset

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Cons for Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset:

• Some features require AAA batteries that are not included.
• Depending on how much your kid grows they could be too big for the playset before the maximum recommended age.

Little-tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset reviewing

Pros for Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset:

• Lots of different activities for countless hours of entertainment.
• Most of the activities do not require batteries.
• Helps promote imagination and learning.
• Can be opened for growing kids and for a different play experience.

Little-tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset reviewing

Final Verdict for Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Toy:

For a playset, the Little Tikes Activity Garden is not that expensive and provides your kids with a wide variety of activities. It even promotes learning.

It is quite the learning toy for your infants and may last up until your kid is three years old.

Any toy that is this entertaining yet forces kids to use their imagination is great, it will get them away from technology and help them to develop just like you did, without video games.

Little-tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset toys for child



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