Mova Globe Revolving Blue Ocean Relief Map

The attractive world globe is set into motion by the internal solar cells. Taking in light from both artificial and natural sources, the rotating globe mesmerizes with its peaceful spinning motion.

This eco-friendly globe operates without help from batteries or electrical cords. The 4.5 inch diameter of the MOVA Rotating Relief Blue-Ocean Gloss Globe stands 7 inches tall upon its contemporary styled clear acrylic stand.


However, other beautiful bases are available for order including five wooden, two crystal and two Zen garden stands. They are pictured in the images above and can be selected from the drop down menu.

Mova Globe Revolving Blue Ocean Relief Map 4.5-inch

1. What is Mova Globe Revolving Blue Ocean Relief Map?

The spinning globe is a beautiful map that shows both the geographical and political maps. The globe is set in motion by the internal solar cells that are powered from sunlight and the earth’s gravitational pull.

Taking in light from both la made and natural resources the globe is mesmerizing to sit and watch. The best part is that the globe is made eco-friendly to those who love to protect the environment.

There are no plugs, cords, batteries or wires that make the globe move. It is simply done based on itself through sun and gravity.

The rotation is caused by a mix between the sun’s light and the earth’s gravitational pull. The political boundaries are outlined with white borders and the continents are named throughout the globe.

The land is a beautiful green color mixed in with realistic colors of earth’s land and sea. If you look closely you’ll see the shading on the mountains to show the demographic detail.

2. Who is Mova Globe Revolving Blue Ocean Relief Map for?

The Mova Globe Revolving Ocean Relief Map is recommended for children who are six years of age or older.

Since the globe is rotating on an acrylic stand it can be harmful to small children. Children who are learning their earth’s continents and oceans will love to be able to look at the world and just imagine how big of an earth we actually live on.

3. Why buying this Mova Globe?

Pointing out in what ways the toy will help the child learn, develop skills and exploit full capabilities.
The great part about the Mova Globe Revolving Blue Ocean Map is that it is not just a map, but also a beautiful home display.

Children will watch the globe spin while learning the different continents and territories throughout the world. They will also understand that the shape of the globe and its different colors and mountain ranges.

A young child can use the globe as a social studies reference or have it in their room to make their desk look cool.

Parents can use the globe to teach their kids about the world, where certain places are or where family is from. The globe is very interactive and a beautiful statement piece.

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Cons for Blue Ocean Relief Map:

■    Weekly dusting will be needed to keep the globe shiny
■    Globe size is small for those who have trouble with their vision and reading

Pros for Blue Ocean Relief Map:

■    Beautiful as a learning tool for geography, continents and oceans
■    Great as a display in your office
■    Self-revolving with sunlight, no money spent on electricity or batteries
■    Colorful and clean design


■    MOVA Revolving Relief Blue-Ocean Gloss Sphere
■    Desktop, Three-Pronged Acrylic Stand
■    Only Needs Light to Rotate
■    7″H X 4.5″W X 4.5″D, 3 Lbs



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