Multiplication and Division Flash Cards: Cool Math Games

Multiplication-and-Division-Flash-CardsCool Math Games for Kids: A Review of Simply Clever Cards.

Age Range: 7 years and up.

It’s not always easy to help a kid who’s struggling with early level math. They might think it’s boring or too hard to understand and the kicker is, parents might feel the same way because they never saw the fun in it. Yet, tutors cost money and regular sessions with a qualified tutor can drain your bank account.

Of course, even the best math student might need refreshing during summer vacation on fractions and other math concepts and year round. Homeschool kids need a way to learn math together while mom or dad are busy teaching the older kids. What’s a family to do when math skills need to be practiced?


There is an affordable, fun way to help your child succeed in math though and that’s where Simply Clever Cards: Arithmetic comes in.


What is the Simply Clever Cards?

Simply Clever Cards: Arithmetic is a flash card based card pack that creates a fun way for school aged kids to practice their early math skills. Designed with young kids in mind, Simply Clever Cards takes the best ideas of flash cards and card games and combines them together for a highly effective way to learn.

Kids can work on number comprehension, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and fractions using the same flash card pack (52 cards in 4 colors numbered 0-12, and 4 jokers). These are the base level mathematic skills that every person needs to succeed at life so there’s simply no pushing the issue aside.

math-multiplication-flash-cardsMany students start hating math from even the earliest days of school because they think it’s boring and hard to understand. Making something fun and capturing a child’s interests is the first step to helping them learn any subject. That’s where Simply Clever Cards: Arithmetic excels because it makes mathematics practice a fun game for the whole family.

Who is this cool math game for?

Best used for kindergarteners, first graders, and second graders for use at home and in the classroom. It’s a great group activity during the school day for teachers and at night when kids need a little extra help with core mathematical concepts.

Even adults who could stand some practice with mental math might be able to use the cards. Kids can play the games while Mom and Dad are making dinner so you know exactly what they’re doing.

Why should you buy this eaducational toy?

For kids who aren’t very good at math, the cards allow them extra time to get the mathematical concepts mastered without having to pay for expensive tutors. Making a connection between math and fun in the brain opens the mind to absorbing and creating the analytical memories that math skills require.

Kids need some one on one time with parents that supplement what they’re learning in school and the arithmetic flash cards are a great way to do that. The cards can keep what they’ve learned in school fresh for the entire summer. Studies have shown that summer vacation, after all, can do more harm than good when it comes to your children remembering what they’ve learned so this is a fun way to fix that problem.

The cards are also a great product for siblings helping each other learn new math problems in a homeschool setting. While parents teach other kids in the family, the rest of the family can work on these basic math skills. It’s a game that is constructive rather than meaningless.

It’s an especially great icebreaker when you want your children to socialize with others in your local homeschool group. They can play and learn math as they have fun together. It’s good clean fun for everyone, even if they’ve progressed beyond the basic concepts the cards can teach.

They can learn subtraction, addition, number recognition, division, multiplication and fractions just from one card pack. Working on these skills early and often throughout their academic career strengthens the skills they need to compete for everything from grades to jobs one day.


Cons for Multiplication and Division Flash Cards:

• It may not be clear at first to adults or kids who read the instruction cards how to play some of the games. It could potentially require really studying the rules first before introducing it to your kids or grandkids.
• Cards might be easy to lose in the house or anywhere else especially amongst younger children.
• You might need to bone up on your math skills yourself to play with your kids…but maybe that’s not a bad thing!

Pros for Multiplication and Division Flash Cards:

• Makes math fun so that kids will want to learn!
• Helps kids increase their math skills easily without tears.
• Extremely family friendly and wholesome for use in mixed groups.
• Works with common core standards in a fun and easy to understand way for both parents and their children. Homework will become easier to complete as a result.
• It’s paper-based, not digital so you don’t have to worry about losing access when you can’t charge your phone or tablet.
• The jokers are included so you can play regular card games too, like memory, war, crazy eights, bridge, and solitaire. It’s really a bargain when it comes to how many different ways you can use this product.
• Slip them in your bag and mathematical fun can be had anywhere. It’s a great way to entertain the kids while you’re traveling or when they’re stuck inside the house all day because it’s raining.


Final verdict for the Simply Clever Cards:

Simply Clever Arithmetic Cards might need a bit of a learning curve to figure out how to use, but it’s a great tool for learning and maintaining important math skills for elementary school aged children.

The colorful cards and multiple ways to use them make it highly cost effective for use with the whole family. Plus it’s easy to cart around and doesn’t rely on screens, battery time, or a power source so it’s extremely convenient even if the power is out!

Highly recommended for anyone needing a refresher course with early math skills, young, old, or the young at heart.




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