Best Learning Toys for 12 Month Olds

19 TOP-RATED TOYS FOR 12-MONTH-OLD BABIES THAT CAN MAKE YOUR LITTLE ONES HAPPY ALL DAY LONG. 1. LeapFrog AlphaPup Toy As your child between 1 and 2 years of age toddles around, they’ll become familiar with the alphabet and letter sounds. The dog has soft ears and a fun wagging tail. 2. Fisher-Price Growing Baby […]

World Discovery Bоx

Agе Rаngе: 3-11 Yеаrѕ. What iѕ World Discovery Bоx? This is a соllесtiоn bоx with plenty оf drаwеrѕ tо gather ѕсiеntifiс аѕ wеll as nаturаl itеmѕ. Thе bоx is a furniturе-ԛuаlitу product mаdе оf durаblе wооd аnd аlѕо finished with a smooth varnish. CLICK HERE FOR THE WORLD DISCOVERY BOX DEAL. The sizes оf thе […]

Interactive U.S. Presidents

Age Range: 5 years old and up. What is Interactive U.S. Presidents? Scientific Toys is the creator of many fun and interesting interactive toys for education that help children to learn successfully. Their product Interactive U.S. Presidents helps children to understand who the presidents of the United States were in order or first to last. […]

Best Learning Toys for 11 Month Olds

As your baby is reaching the first one year old of age, it’s a wise idea to provide your little one with great development toys. Finding excellent toys can be a time consuming job with overwhelming choices. You can easily buy these awesome products for your 11-month-old baby at or other online sellers. 17 […]

ROBOTIS Bioloid Premium Kit

Age range: 15 – 22. What is ROBOTIS Bioloid Premium kit? Manufactured by the Korean robot maker ROBOTIS, this is a set of objects needed to build a humanoid robot. It is comprised of many small pieces or components that are joined and later programmed according to the needs. The resulting robots can be of […]

Fisher-Price Team UmiZoomi Come-and-Get-Us Counting Car

Age Range: 2-6 Years. What is Team UmiZoomi Come-and-Get-Us Counting Car? This toy from Fisher-Price is an RC-car replica of the car from Nickelodeon’s “Team UmiZoomi” show. It comes with a remote control and two unremovable figures from the show. The remote features a character called “Bot.” If your child loves the “Team UmiZoomi” show, […]

Recommended Toys for 17 Month Old Children

Here are 15 top-rated toys for 17-month-old children that can make your litle one very happy. 1. Bright Starts Baby Toy, ABC Hamster House This learning toy is awesome for baby children. It helps in increasing babies’ senses while using motor skills, so it is ideal for baby children who are between 6 months to […]

VTech InnoTab Max Kids’ Tablet

Age Range: 3 Years and Up. 1.    What is VTech InnoTab Max Kids’ Tablet? The VTech InnoTab Max is an innovative, new and fun children’s tablet that offers apps, pictures and video geared towards your kids’ learning. This cool product gives your child the best of both worlds, they get to learn and have fun […]

Mova Globe Revolving Blue Ocean Relief Map

The attractive world globe is set into motion by the internal solar cells. Taking in light from both artificial and natural sources, the rotating globe mesmerizes with its peaceful spinning motion. This eco-friendly globe operates without help from batteries or electrical cords. The 4.5 inch diameter of the MOVA Rotating Relief Blue-Ocean Gloss Globe stands […]

Best Learning Toys for 16 Month Olds

CHECK THE LATEST DEALS FOR THE BEST LEARNING TOYS FOR 16-MONTH-OLD BABIES. 1. Fisher Price Classic Chatter Phone This toy makes babies happy and also engaged and it also acts as a source of early skills. One of the best learning toys a child can have. 2. Manhattan Toy Baby Whoozi It is like a […]

LEGO Education DUPLO Tubes Experiment Set

Age Range: 18 months and up. What is Education DUPLO Tubes Experiment Set? LEGO is perhaps one of the most well-known brands in the world with its wide variety of toys, ranging from simple kits to complex technological marvels. In any case, LEGO makes toys that are durable, fun and age-agnostic, since their toys can […]

The Language Builder

Age Range: 3 years and up. What is The Language Builder? This is a set of 350 flash cards developed with the principles of applied behavior analysis in mind. It is particularly useful for autistic children or kids with language development problems. The cards show a variety of objects that kids see in their everyday […]

Best Toys for 6 Month Old Babies

Choosing toys for babies can be a difficult task, especially with so many varieties of toys available on the market today. Here is a comprehensive list of the best toys available for six month old babies. CHECK THE BEST TOYS FOR 6-MONTH-OLD BABIES. 1. Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop If you want your children […]

Incrediblock Toy for Babies

Age Range: 9 months to 2 years. What is Fisher-Price Incrediblock Toy? Fisher-Price is among the most recognizable toy brands, and with several decades of experience, their toys are known to be durable and engaging. The toy company primarily makes products that target toddlers, and with interesting features and colorful exteriors, they appeal a lot […]

Anatex Ultimate Fleur Rollercoaster Table

Age Range: 3 to 5 years. What is Anatex Ultimate Fleur Rollercoaster Table? Shaped in a sort of rounded plus symbol, the Anatex Ultimate Fleur Rollercoaster Table is a table with loop de loop metal tracks for balls to travel on. CLICK HERE FOR THE FLEUR ROLLERCOASTER TABLE TOY OFFER. Kids can walk up to […]

Best Toys for 8 Month Old Babies

This is a selected top toys for 8 month old babies. Hope that your child will enjoy playing these hours after hours and develop some early good skills! You can find and buy these awesome learning baby toys from Amazon or other online toy sellers with no problems. >>FIND HERE FOR THE BEST TOYS FOR […]

Zometool Creator 3 Construction Kit

Age Range: 6 – 14 years. What is Zometool Creator 3? This is a creator building set that is designed to stimulate the imagination of almost any child. It is similar to toys like K-Nex. This set includes 738 different parts, so there’s plenty of room for experimentation and imagination. The tool encourages exploration and […]

LeapPad2 Explorer Ultimate Learning Gift Pack

Color: Green. Age Range: 3-9 years. What is LeapPad2 Explorer Ultimate Learning Gift Pack? LeapFrog is one of the most well-known companies for superior educational toys and this newest product is no different. The LeapPad2 Explorer Ultimate Learning Gift Pack brings the fun of a small computer-notebook-like device to the dimension of learning. The LeapPad2 […]

21 Top-Rated Learning Toys for Tweens

Tweens find themselves to be too little to be a teen and too big to be a little kid. They’re learning and growing at an exponential pace as well as developing a load of different interests. CHECK THE BEST LEARNING TOYS FOR TWEENS HERE. Parents should foster those interests as much as possible and buy […]

HABA Building Blocks Sevilla

Age range: 1-3 years. What is HABA Building Blocks Sevilla? This is truly a unique building block set by the HABA company, who has other unique sets available for purchase. The Sevilla set is just as creatively unique with all kinds of shapes and little extra things that make sound and get kids exploring. Some […]

littleBits Electronics cloudBit Starter Kit

Age Range: Anyone. What is littleBits Electronics cloudBit Starter Kit? This is basically an innovative product that could change your life. With this device, you can make any item in your home a smart device. Imagine being able to operate the lighting in your home, or feed a pet, directly from your phone? It’s possible […]