Parallax ActivityBot Robot Kit

Parallax Activitybot Robot kit
What is Parallax ActivityBot Robot?

This cool robotic building kit is a set of a few equipment needed to make a robot. It is a helping tool or a physical tool for demonstration to help in the making and programming of robots.

It comes with all its little parts disconnected, which needs to be joined to bring it in its real form. By look, it is a not so complex robot with circuits exposed and two eye-like objects- apparently, the sensors.


The object needs 5 x 1.5 V batteries as an input power and has an ultrasonic sensor to perform the desired movements smoothly.

Who is Parallax ActivityBot Robot for?

The object is designed for the young engineers who want to make robots. The college or high school students in the field of engineering get to learn to make functional robots.

This educational toy helps young people learn about how to make one functional robot. Not only the making of robot, programming and total functioning is also taught by this fun toy.

Engineers and technical geeks alike, who at a very young age develop an interest in robots making and programming, can also get immense help from the Parallax Activity Robot Kit.

It is also good for the teaching purpose as it can serve as a perfect demonstration tool that can be used by the teacher to teach the students very efficiently.

Although it is a toy recommended for the kids of age 13 and above, but it is highly recommended, in fact a necessary device for the high school and college kids doing engineering or any other mechanical degree.

Parallax Activitybot Robot kit review

Why should you buy Parallax ActivityBot Robot?

The toy is a complete kit with all the equipment needed to teach to build a robot. It has all the web tutorials that help the user to learn to program the multicore Propeller microcontroller chip in C, make the sensor systems of the robot , and also to work with the circuits of the breadboard.

The toy has a micro SD card slot for data storage and transfers. This also makes debugging easier. The toy has two working modes, i.e. Circuit and Robot. The circuit mode is for training the user about the circuit wiring procedures and the robot mode is for the purpose of testing the computer programs.

It helps the user to know about microcontroller and to learn about the primary ideas of C language programming. It can be a learning guide for a first-time robot maker and a source of entertainment for those who have learned from it and now use it to perform tasks.

The kit also has many infra-red sensors to detect movement, photo detectors to determine the light intensity and a touch sensing system too. Two servo motors which work independently and help in precision of movement by controlling the direction and speed.

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Cons for Parallax ActivityBot Robot:

1.    A bit expensive.
2.    Seems complicated to those who have little knowledge how about mechanics/programming.
3.    Takes time to get assembled.
4.    Comes with an insufficient instruction guide.

Pros for Parallax ActivityBot Robot:

1.    Large on-board memory
2.    It’s a quick working device, no lags in programming, moving or loading programs.
3.    Good quality parts and devices
4.    Well explained and clear-cut tutorials.
5.    Numerous sensors and extensive circuits
6.    Is compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux.

 Parallax Activitybot Robot kit project

Final Verdict:

Parallax ActivityBot Robot Kit is one of the best source of knowledge and a perfect teaching guide for kids, about robot programming and building.

It’s great in all aspects except for its setting up process which is a complicated one, especially without a sufficient guide. The price is also a drawback and might discourage many people who are willing to buy it.




  1. Thanks! I will definitely try this one out when my son gets a little older. Right now, he has these awesome robots and loves them.

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