Pioneer Globe

Age range for Replogle Pioneer Globe 12-inch tabletop: for 3 years and up.

What is Pioneer Globe?

It’s a map of the world in 3-D globe form that is 12 inches in diameter and 17 inches in height set on a metal base coated in the color of gold.

The map itself is decorated in rich blue for the oceans and bright colors for the individual countries of the world. Mountain ranges are indicated by raised ridges that are easy to determine by sight and by touch.


Its gyromatic meridian means that the globe can spin in all directions so you can easily view every part of the globe’s map, even Antarctica. It’s design is not the most ornate but offers features that a lot of other globes lack.

Replogle Pioneer Globe Review

Who is Pioneer Globe for?

It’s for anyone who needs a map or globe in the life. Students who struggle with or just need help learning geography will enjoy this, particularly people who are visual learners or even those who need the tactile sensation of feeling the ridges and bumps of mountain ranges.

Rather than turn to Google maps, kids can be pointed to the globe and get a lot of fun out of finding different locations on the map.

Education students and teachers will enjoy this as a gift, perhaps for graduation, for their current or future classrooms.

Teachers need all the help they can get furnishing and decorating their classrooms so buying this would be a great help. It’s a fairly basic globe but does the job for anyone needing to study geography on a global scale.

Why should you buy Pioneer Globe?

First and foremost this is a learning toy that can educate, so if education is important you or knowledge of the world is important to you, you should buy this globe.

Foster a sense of wonder of the world in your kids and grandkids by buying a globe and spend time finding different locations of the world. This can really inspire kids to travel and see the world when they grow up.

This is also an excellent decorative item. It’s a statement piece that lends cosmopolitan flair and is suitable for travel themed rooms.

Perhaps a study or library would be a very good room to place the globe in. It should be in a spot, like on a desk, where people can look at it, spin it, and generally discover parts of the world without even having to leave the room.

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Cons for Pioneer Globe:

1.    It can easily be scratched so handle with care.
2.    Lines might be slightly off.

Pros for Pioneer Globe:

1.    Spins around in all directions which makes it easier to see parts of the world other globes might obscure.

2.    Lovely decoration that is bright and fun. Countries are up to date (even with South Sudan). Tactile mountain ranges invite both sight and touch exploration.  It’s perfect for classrooms or studies where students do their homework.

3.    It shows ocean currents and major cities as well as a time zone dial, which allows you to figure out what time it is in other parts of the world. This would be great when having to make international phone calls.

4.    Sits on a solid metal base, which makes it safe for kids. It’s a low-tech option to Google maps if you want your kids to lay off the electronic devices.

Final Verdict:

It might be low-tech in comparison to maps most kids are familiar with these days but the educational quality is perfect for curious students, families, and classrooms.

The Pioneer Globe by Replogle is to be recommended and is an excellent globe for its price range. An excellent educational toy is worth every penny.



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