Plastic Human Skeleton Model ‘Stan’

3B Scientific A10 Plastic Human Skeleton Model "Stan"Age range: this toy is for 3 years and up.

What is 3B Scientific A10 Plastic Human Skeleton Model “Stan”?

This plastic skeleton is a life-size model of the human body that can be used for anatomical study in a variety of disciplines.

It includes a three-party skull and removable limbs for convenience. The plastic bones themselves are made to weigh approximately the same as real bones and are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic.

That means that it’s made of lightweight material that is resistant to acids, alcohol, gas, and hydrocarbons.


Altogether the model reaches 66.9 inches (170.0 cm) in height. It’s the best and most accurate skeletal model at this price point.

“Stan” rests on casters so he can be easily rolled from room to room or out of the way depending upon what his owner needs.

Who is 3B Scientific A10 Plastic Human Skeleton for?

Teachers of science and health would adore having it in their classroom as a teaching aid. Additionally pre-medicine students and professors of medicine could use it as a learning aid as well.

Once those pre-med students have become doctors, it might also be a great graduation present so they can put it in their new office.

However, anyone who loves the skeletal system would love this. Kids who want to be a doctor one day could use this even as a young child for their pretend doctor’s office.

Perhaps it is not the most versatile toy given that it’s a skeleton on a platform but it can be very educational for kids.

Mostly it will get its most use from adults and young people (perhaps high schoolers studying AP Anatomy) unless the child in question is particularly scientifically gifted.

Physical trainers and Chiropractors can use it to point out parts of the body, and artists can use it for the study of anatomy that portraiture requires.

3B Scientific A10 Plastic Human Skeleton Model "Stan" life-size

Why should you buy 3B Scientific A10 Plastic Human Skeleton Model “Stan”?

Any toy that can be educational is a good one in the end.

Kids can learn the different bones of the body and discover an interest in medicine, anatomy, science, or all three subjects. Enrichment of what they learn in school begins in the home.

Its accuracy makes it a great gift for young people working towards a pre-med or medical degree, though. Being able to have a life-sized anatomical model of the skeletal system is an excellent tool for reviewing material outside of the book. Some people can only properly learn through having 3D models to learn from.

3B Scientific A10 Plastic Human Skeleton Model "Stan" review

Cons for 3B Scientific A10 Plastic Human Skeleton Model “Stan”:

1. It still misses a few minor details.
2. Some parts are wired together and don’t really move like a skeleton would.
3. It is more of a teenage skeleton than a full adult skeleton. That may not be exactly what someone might want if they’re studying adult skeletal anatomy.
4. Would be really great if Stan could come with a booklet in order to reference from when students start labeling their skeleton.

best Plastic Human Skeleton Model

Pros for 3B Scientific A10 Plastic Human Skeleton Model “Stan”:

1. Its accuracy makes it a great learning aid for the skeletal system. Everyone from physical therapy to medical students can take advantage of learning from it.
2. It’s an amazing addition to what is shown in anatomy books. Students can feel the grooves of the bone rather than just see a 2-D image of a bone, which is beneficial for some learners.
3. It’s life size so you can really get a better view of how the bones all fit together.
4. It’s lightweight and easy to disassemble when you need to move it.
5. Great toy for Halloween and photo ops.

Plastic Human Skeleton Model

Final Verdict:

Overall, this is a great item for science lovers in your life. Students and teachers of anatomy, physical therapy, medicine, and other disciplines will all be able to use the skeleton model in their educational endeavors. “Stan” is to be recommended for kids and adults who love the skeletal system.

Plastic Human Skeleton Model Stan reviews


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