Qubits Rainbow Kit: Interlocking Building Toy

Qubits Rainbow Kit interlocking building toysAge Range: 4-16 years.

What is Qubits Rainbow Kit?

Qubits Rainbow Kit is an interlocking building toy that is cooler than your average block. In fact, the 72-piece toy doesn’t really resemble blocks at all! The triangle shaped pieces lock together to build everything from big circles to 5-foot towers and everything in between.


The triangle shape is really unique and is reminiscent of Knex and erector sets. Kids can get creative by making spaceships, boats, and many other imaginative builds.

Qubits Rainbow Kit interlocking building toys

Who is Qubits Rainbow Kit for?

This is a great toy for kids who enjoy being creative by building and designing things but who are tired of the limitations of blocks.

Children will have a lot of fun playing with Qubits while learning concepts behind Engineering, Architecture, Geometry, and Design at the same time. It’s lightweight but sturdy construction makes it easy to cart different structures around the house.

Kids can practice manual dexterity, object design, and learning to follow instructions. Building things develops their mind in the areas of logic, imagination, and problem solving.

The Qubits Rainbow Kit allows several small or large projects to be built which makes it ideal for multiple child families.

It’s great for quiet social play with siblings while mom or dad makes supper. The older kids can help the younger ones understand how Qubits works.

Qubits Rainbow Kit interlocking building toy for children

Why should you buy Qubits Rainbow Kit toy?

There have been numerous studies about the benefits of building blocks for young minds. Younger kids can learn spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination as well as dexterity when they build using Qubits.

Creative thinking helps develop logical thinking and both are required for school. Think of the leg up you can give your child when they begin learning math and geometry!

Building sets are one of the best learning toys a parent can get their child and Qubits provides a versatility that building blocks can’t match.

Qubits Rainbow Kit learning toys for kids

The toy really requires a different creativity than blocks which helps the brain consider things from new angles.

There might be a small learning curve for kids and parents alike, but there are diagrams that will help. Before you know it, kids will be illustrating their creative side by building whatever they want with Qubit pieces.

If this kit isn’t enough, more pieces can be bought that will work perfectly with the Qubits Rainbow Kit. The pieces snap together pretty easily so construction isn’t terribly hard to do for the recommended age range for this product.

Qubits Rainbow Kit interlocking building educational toy

Pros for Qubits Rainbow Kit:

1. Encourages dexterity, creativity, and provides hours of fun.
2. It doesn’t require batteries, and it encourages kids to get away from tablet screens for a while.
3. Building structures can even be a great family bonding activity.
4. Not as painful to step on as Legos are!
5. It’s dishwasher safe so they can be easily sanitized.

Cons for Qubits Rainbow Kit:

1. Might be a bit hard to understand for younger kids, so playing with it will require adults or older children to help.
2. The parts are kind of small so babies shouldn’t get their hands on the individual pieces just in case.

Qubits Rainbow Kit interlocking building educational toys reviewing

Final Verdict:

Qubits Rainbow Kit is awesome for all sorts of kids who want to make things without much mess. The variations and sheer creativity that can be encouraged using this product is pretty endless.

72 pieces of the toy can build so much that it’s not even necessary to buy another kit. The best thing about it is how quietly kids can play with the Qubits set.

It’s recommended for any child who is a bit tired of Legos and building blocks but still has an interest in imaginative engineering.



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