Replogle Illuminated Carlyle Globe

Age range: 4-year-old children and up.

What is Replogle Globes Illuminated Carlyle Globe?

The illuminated globe has a lot to offer for the young minds today. It has the features that will surely make the learning of children easy and fun: a raised-relief, illumination, 12-inch diameter antique design that makes the globe beautiful and attractive.

The globe also includes 3D images so that kids will feel the world when they look at the globe. This also helps the young minds understand the places that people travel every day.


It gives them ideas of places and how it looks like so that they will know it when they travel.

Who is Replogle Globes Illuminated Carlyle Globe for?

The Replogle Globe is recommended for children of 4 years of age and above. Children nowadays are very concerned about their surroundings and they always ask questions.

So to satisfy their thirst for knowledge, this illuminated globe can help answer geographic questions.

Since the globe is detailed, there is no need to use computers or other devices to help in their needs. The young minds can already see and feel the places that they are looking for.

They can already determine the highs and lows, sizes and even distance of everything that they can see on the globe.

There are so many other globes that you will find in the market today, but the Replogle Globes is far more helpful than others.

The illuminated globe also lasts longer compared to other illuminated lights, so this will make your living rooms or office rooms look more attractive.

Replogle Globes Illuminated Carlye Globe review

Why buy Replogle Globes Illuminated Carlyle Globe?

With the Replogle Illuminated Globe, you are assured that you have found the perfect product for your kids’ needs.

You also have a wonderful reference for you to keep up with the world’s breaking news every day. This doesn’t come up with music or games because this is a plain understanding of the world today.

This is the most practical yet convincing idea of how you will look at the world the real way. For a family that loves to travel and has kids with them, this is the perfect globe for your needs.

Aside from being used as a globe, this can also be a great ambient lamp in the living room. Many can attest how wonderful Illuminated Carlyle Globe can be both as a decorative piece and a geography reference.

One will realize that there might be many other globes offered in the market but there can never be as unique and as helpful as this Illuminated Carlyle Globe.

Pros and Cons for Replogle Globes Illuminated Carlyle Globe

Though the wonderful features are given, it still cannot be denied that there are still some flaws with this globe. Some are not really contented with the quality of the arms of the globe which is actually made of plastic.

The bulb did not last long resulting to some issues regarding the globe’s illumination. Many also still prefer the typical blue one over this antique and illuminated globe.

In spite of some minimal flaws, the outstanding features still outweigh the number of cons this educational product has.

Individuals especially the children can appreciate this globe because they will be able to see where their family travels or go on in a vacation. This is better than the Google map which does not really convey the realistic shape of the Earth.

Another advantage of this product is that it works well as interesting and relaxing light thing that also works in enhancing the mood.

The Replogle Globes Illuminated Carlye Globe is an excellent globe that is ultimately made to give worth to your money. This lights and spins well and the coloring is great too.

If you are looking for a globe that is reasonably priced, you can never go wrong with Replogle Globes Illuminated Carlye Globe.





  1. I love globes, and maps too. My sons Nersury was done in a globe travel theme. He is now 8 and we all still love it. Thanks for sharing. I never know what to do with globes except have them just sit there. If I knew about it years ago I would have had one personalized, that would make an excellent gift! 🙂

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