Robosapien X Robot Kit by WowWee

Robosapien X Robot kit by Wowwee for children Age Range: 8 years old children and above.

What is Robosapien X robot kit by WowWee?

Robosapien X robot kit by WowWee is an excellent learning toy showing kids the meaning of hard work and that great feeling of accomplishment.  The 14“ tall programmable robot can move fluidly, grip with speed, and maneuver like a bird in flight.

This guy runs, walks, grabs… just about anything your kid would like it to. It is a real inexpensive educational toy for the quality received, guaranteed hours of fun for the children, and their parents.

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Reviewing Robosapien X Robot

Who is Robosapien X robot kit for?

Designed for kids of 8 years and older, this toy is perfect for the little ones that love science. It is also an excellent choice for teens, or even college students taking an advanced class, like engineering or physics.  Need help explaining robotic work in a simplified form? Then this is a great way to demonstrate those needs.

How about a way to help your kid learn, while having fun?  Then this is also a great choice. Though it was made for younger people, this doesn’t mean us older folks can’t enjoy it too. Great fun all around, for all ages, at any time!

Playing Robosapien-x-robot kit by wowwee toy

Why should you buy Robosapien X Robot kit by WowWee toy?

Through research and review of this product, I can effectively say it is worth the money.  Growing up with this technology is sure to make a kid use his brain, rather than wasting it.

An efficient and interesting learning tool that guarantees fun for hours. Developed by a NASA scientist, this product has received great reviews, and is in the price range for almost everyone. There are many reasons to own this piece of technology; and the pros and cons are listed below.

Pros for Robosapien X robot kit by WowWee:

1. An advanced robotic system that is easy to use
2. Programmable functionality
3. Works with a remote (included); or with IOS/Android apps
4. 6 different kung fu moves that kids will love. Also come with 67 pre-programmed functions including: walk, throw, grab, belch, pick-up, dance, rap, and more.
5. Fluent “caveman” speech, and features an auto-off setting.

Shoping Robosapien-x-robot-kit

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Cons for Robosapien X robot kit by WowWee:

1.    Requires 4 D batteries, and 4 AAA batteries(not included)
2.    As with any new/updated item; bugs could be an issue at first
3.    Interface can be difficult for some children, parents should walk the young ones through it.

Final Verdict for Robosapien X robot kit by WowWee:

After researching and testing, I believe this toy is as exciting as it is inventive. The functionality, price, and features are well worth it. Knowledge has no price, and this little gem will bring lots to the table for your child giving it a go!

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