ROBOTIS Bioloid Premium Kit

Age range: 15 – 22.

What is ROBOTIS Bioloid Premium kit?

Manufactured by the Korean robot maker ROBOTIS, this is a set of objects needed to build a humanoid robot.

It is comprised of many small pieces or components that are joined and later programmed according to the needs. The resulting robots can be of any type, humanoid in this case.


The object is a robot resembling a human (can be modified and expanded to make robots of different shapes and sizes) which can be programmed by its software to perform various actions.

ROBOTIS Bioloid Premium Kit reviews

Who is ROBOTIS Bioloid Premium kit for?

The toy is for children of age 15 years or above. This is suitable for children of a mature age as it’s a bit complicated and complex toy.

The set contains components of making a robot and later programming it according to the needs of the functions it is required to perform.

The toy can also be used by elders belonging to the group of teachers. It can be used for any kind of demonstration that is to be performed in front of the students for a better understanding.

Apart from this, the Bioloid premium kit is a toy for people of any age or background because other than its use as a learning object, it is also used for entertainment purposes with people programming it as per their wants and then making it function accordingly.

Why should you buy ROBOTIS Bioloid Premium kit?

It is a complete robot kit with all the modern and advance components needed to build an advanced robot with maximum functions and features.

Made using modular DC servo blocks, the set also enables the user to program it according to the needs. The robot can be modified and upgraded to perform various functions.

The controller used is the new CM 530 which is an improved version, hence providing better performing ability.

It has a Gyro sensor walk balancing making it unique from many other robots which fail to inspire the user due to their disoriented walking and poor climbing skills.

There is also an object detector to enable it to walk smoothly avoiding the obstacles.

It has various applications and can be made into different shapes for example in the shape of a scorpio, a spider, a dinosaur or even a puppy.

Its programming software is easy to work with many options. The robots can be used for competition purposes, teaching purposes and also as a leisure/entertainment.

Bioloid premium kit buy

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Cons for ROBOTIS Bioloid Premium kit:

1.    The instructions given are messed up as there is no proper labelling to distinguish between the wrong or the right method of assembling.
2.    System for assembling is a bit complicated for those who are having the exposure to a robot for the very first time.
3.    The feet of the robot are smooth and tend to slip on smooth surfaces.
4.    A bit expensive if used as a source of entertainment only.

Pros for ROBOTIS Bioloid Premium kit:

1.    Comes with a rechargeable battery hence no need to buy the batteries again and again.
2.    Light weight and handy
3.    Easily controlled with a multi-function remote controller.
4.    Gyro sensor and object detector to enable smooth movement.
5.    Software compatible with Windows XP/2000/Vista
6.    Transparent skin that can be customized
7.    Versatile expansion and adjustments supported to change forms and shapes as per needs.

Final Verdict:

The ROBOTIS Bioloid Premium is one of the best robot kits in the market. It has all the desired options and functions that a robot tends to have or maybe even more.

Although with a few drawbacks like weak feet gripping system and complex assembling techniques the product can be rated well because of the numerous functions and versatility found in it.



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