Schoenhut C1020 – 5 Piece Drum Set

Age Range: 6 to 9 years old.

What is Schoenhut C1020 Drum Set?

The Schoenhut C1020 – 5 Piece Drum Set (Red) is a beginner drum set that is made up of five pieces that features many of the same elements as a professional grade drum set. The shells are made of sturdy hardwood and steel hardware that can withstand quite a lot of drumming.

Schoenhut C1020 - 5 Piece Drum Set (Red) review

The set includes a 10-inch cymbal, 10-inch snare drum, 8-inch drum, and a 16-inch drum with a pedal. The kit also includes a padded seat and drumsticks so your little musician can begin playing right away.

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Who is Schoenhut C1020 for?

This is for any child who has an interest in percussion and music as a way to begin a lifelong love of playing instruments. It would also be very good for children who need to be able to direct their energy and frustrations in a more constructive way.

The settings on the drum kit can even be adjusted so that it grows with the child until they reach a point where they need or want a professional drum kit.

Why should you buy this Schoenhut C1020?

Developmental toys that encourage creativity are wonderful for kids because it really lets their imagination grow. A musical instrument in particular can encourage a dedication to learn a skill. It becomes a way to teach responsibility, creativity, education, and music appreciation.

Children will have a blast making a lot of noise too as they learn how to play the drums. Who doesn’t want to take those drumsticks in hand and make the drum boom and crash?

It’s cathartic really and later on, kids can begin to learn about rhythm and the place of percussion in performing pieces of music that might become a fully-fledged interest in music.




Pros for Schoenhut C1020 Drum Set:

1. It encourages creativity in the music field by teaching the very basis of any song, that of rhythm and keeping time. Stimulating a child’s imagination is very important for their developing minds.

2. It encourages an interest in music in particular. Parents can use it to teach music and cultural appreciation. Later on, it can even lead to lessons for using various musical instruments.

3. Teaching your child to play the drums can help develop manual dexterity and also teach them about responsibility in keeping up with practice. Keeping rhythm involves timing and being able to use their hands to keep that time.

4. Easy to assemble. It’s adjustable for siblings of various ages and sizes to play. Excellent starter sets for kids to try out before parents invest in expensive professional drum sets.

Schoenhut C1020 - 5 Piece Drum Set (Red)

Cons for Schoenhut C1020 Drum Set:

1. Loud! It probably is not good for children who live in apartment complexes, as neighbors will likely complain.

2. Sometimes it can tip over because of how top heavy it is. The top two pieces have trouble staying attached.

3. Might need tightening to make sure everything stays where it’s supposed to be.

Final Verdict for Schoenhut C1020 Drum Set:

So long as you are prepared for the sheer noise the drum set brings, the Schoenhut C1020 – 5 Piece Drum Set (Red) can be recommended. Both kids and parents will enjoy trying to make sense out of the noise.

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Kids, however, will just enjoy banging away with all their might. It might bring some headaches but the drum set will end up fostering a love of music. Kids can learn responsibility and might even look forward to getting lessons in how to properly learn how to play drums.

One day all the banging might end up turning into the finest percussionist of the age, time will tell!



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