Teaching Kids How to Deal with Bullying

Teaching kids with bullyIt’s a fact that the majority of kids attending school has faced bullying in one form or the other. Bullying needs to be dealt in a serious manner and as a parent, you need to discuss the issue with your kids so that they can be well prepared.

Bullying can leave deep emotional scars for your kids and in some cases bullying can leave your kids seriously hurt.


A healthy discussion with your kid can help improve the situation and make your kid feel better if he/she has been bullied.

If the proper strategies are known to the kid then he/she can avoid the bully on their own.

Teaching kids how to handle bully

Identifying Bullying

Kids know when they are bullied or not because kids usually tease each other in a playful and friendly manner. If the teasing becomes hurtful, unkind, and constant, then it’s bullying and the kid can figure it out because it hurts his/her self-worth.

This kind of bullying can also be done online through social networks and cell phone texts. The worst form of bullying involves hitting, shoving, name-calling, threats and extorting money.

Kids bully because they want to feel in control and they pick on kids who are emotionally or physically weaker than them. Some of the kids who bully are treated badly in their homes.

How parents can find out if their kid is bullied.

Most children avoid telling their parents when they are bullied and there are several reasons for that. The parents can only spot bullying when the child has visible bruises or injuries.

If your kids are acting differently, like not eating or sleeping well or avoiding things that they usually enjoy then you need to enquire about that.

You can indirectly get to know what is affecting your kid from his or her friends.

Help children how to deal with bullying at school

Helping Your Kid

If your child informs you that he/she is being bullied then you need to hear what your children have to say. Provide them the comfort and support that they desperately need.

Kids keep the issues related to bullying themselves because they do not want to get their parents upset or angry. A kid whose self-worth is damaged by the bully feels that it’s their own fault and keeps quiet.

Some kids are scared to inform authority figures because the bully threatened them to keep their mouths shut. If your kid talks to you about bullying or harassment praise him/her for the courage shown.

Your kid has told you about the bully because he/she needs your help in dealing with the bully. You need to emphasize that the bully is the bad guy to ensure that your child is innocent in the process of bullying.

You also need to bring the issue to the attention of the principal, school nurse or teacher immediately, so that necessary steps can be taken to prevent bullying in the future. Avoid contacting the bullying child’s parents first because it would make the problem worse.

It is good to get in touch with the bullying child’s parents through the school authorities. You can also prevent the school authorities from providing the bully with harsh punishments.

Such punishments will embarrass him in front of the entire school and the bully will retaliate back in the future.

You need to devise a plan to nurture friendship between the bully and your kid by asking for co-operation from the bullying child’s parents in the matter.

Help kids how to deal with bully

Strategies to discuss with kids to deal with bullying

Ask them to avoid interaction with the bully – you need to ask your kid to avoid interaction with the bully. Ask him or her to befriend someone so that they are not alone.

A good buddy will be around your kid on the bus, in the hallways, or at recess. Bullies try to pick up their victims whenever they are alone and having a buddy system works against bullying.

Avoid anger and walk away – Bullies want to upset their victims and they feel more powerful when their victims react. The best thing to do to prevent such scenarios is to not react and walk away.

Hurtful remarks through social networks need to be treated in the same manner. The bully expects a reaction and if you are not providing him one then he would keep quiet.

Ask your kids to befriend people who can positively influence them – A kid who is bullied can regain his confidence quickly when he/she associates with friends who have a positive influence on their life.


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