The Language Builder

Language Builder Photo Cards Picture SetAge Range: 3 years and up.

What is The Language Builder?

This is a set of 350 flash cards developed with the principles of applied behavior analysis in mind. It is particularly useful for autistic children or kids with language development problems.

The cards show a variety of objects that kids see in their everyday lives. They can even be used to communicate what they want to eat. The colorful cards are a major draw for most kids.


Language Builder Photo Cards Picture Nouns

Who is The Language Builder for?

This is a great set for home and the classroom for kids with autism or speech delays. Stage one cards display the item on a plain white background and stage two presents the items in context.

Kids can learn matching, item identification, and item categorization. The end result will hopefully be better communication from kids and a decrease in maladaptive behavior.

Applied behavior analysis is a therapy technique that applies learning theory to encourage positive behavior like the development of language and discourage negative behavior like aggression.

This is vital for kids to develop as close to normal as possible as they grow up. Parents should regularly make sure they are using the flashcards to support the ABA program of therapy.

The Language Builder Cards Picture game for children

Why should you buy The Language Builder?

You should buy this toy if you want to facilitate communication between your child and the rest of the world.

Arming them with the tools they need to communicate will have wide ranging effects in regards to gaining a degree of function as they grow older.

It’s not just for autistic children, but also for children who have had delays in speech development due to a variety of causes.

Even children who do not require the help for language development can have fun matching similar items.

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Pros for The Language Builder:

1.    Simple design and easy to use by adults and kids with no complicated directions. The cards, while not indestructible, are sturdy enough to handle use by children.
2.    The set is made of stages that kids can progress with. The first stage in particular makes sure there are no other items to distract the child when they view the card. Later, the items are placed in context after children can better zone in on the important object.
3.    Kids should be familiar with most of the objects depicted on the flashcards. It can be used as a great communication tool when asking about food, for example.
4.    Parents can record progress on the back of each flashcard. This can be encouraging to both parents and kids so they can truly see how far they’ve come through using the flashcards.

Cons for The Language Builder:

1.    Price can be expensive if you’re in need of multiple sets for therapy or classroom use. Parents might also be strapped for cash and can’t afford it when their child really needs it.
2.    Some pictures depict dated items that kids might not be familiar with like a rotary phone or a VHS tape.  It is suggested that the manufacturer updates cards depicting technology on a regular basis.

The Language Builder Cards Picture game set-for-kids

Final Verdict:

Overall, the cards are a colorful draw for kids of all ages and can be a perfect addition to ABA therapy as it is easy for both parent and child to interact with the cards in a meaningful and beneficial way.

It’s definitely worth buying for home use in order to facilitate communication with your autistic child. Many ABA therapists will recommend purchasing this set anyway, so getting it should be a no brainer.

In conclusion, The Language Builder set can be recommended to anyone needing an aid to encourage language development.



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