Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your Kid’s iPad Usage

In today’s day and age there is technology everywhere you turn. Technology has helped us make large advances in many fields. It also has created ways to entertain us with tablets being one of the key entertainment devices in today’s world.

IPads are one of the most popular brands available and while they are great for keeping our kids entertained they also keep our kids from interacting with other real people.

ipad addiction kidsMany parents want to know how to reduce the time that kids spend on their iPads or other tablets so let’s take a look at some of the best ways to keep your kids off their tablets and living healthy, active lives.

1. Install a Time Limiter

There are many apps out there that are designed to reduce the amount of time kids can spend on their tablets or phones. These apps come in both Android and iOS formats so that you can use them on just about any tablet.

Once installed parents put in information about what they want their kids to be able to access and how much screen time they are allowed to put in each day.

2. Regulate Where Tablets Are Allowed

Kids hate them but there are many benefits to setting rules. One rule that you should consider setting in your house is where the iPad or other tablets can be used.

Don’t let kids use tablets or iPads in private rooms such as their bedroom or the bathroom. This will help you monitor their usage and keep them from going to websites that they probably shouldn’t be accessing.

3. Password Protect Your App Store Account

Kids are smart, they will pay attention to you and try to learn the password to your App Store account.

If you make sure the password is strong, there is a lot less chance that they will be able to download games or other apps that will cause them to spend more time on the tablet. It will also prevent them from being able to bypass the parental control.

4. Find Time Fillers

There are many different things for kids to do that don’t involve tablets or phones. Find activities that your kids like to do that are outdoors or include interaction with other kids.

Some good ideas are sports, clubs, and camps. Many camps won’t allow technology and are a good way to keep your kids social and away from the distractions of their tablets. They might even forget the tablets exist while they are busy playing.

5. Monkey See, Monkey Do

Monkey see, monkey do. This stands for tablets just like it does with anything else. Kids want to be just like their parents and if they see their parents constantly on their tech devices, they will want to be on them too.

Set your devices down and set a good example for your kids. This will also prevent your kids from being able to say “well you are on your tablet” when you tell them to stop.

kid ipad addict6. No Tablets At School

Don’t let your kids bring their tablets to school. This will cause them to spend their lunch time on the tablets instead of with other kids. Letting your kids bring tablets to school is also a great way to end up with them being stolen.

7. Create a Rewards System

A lot of parents have found it helpful to set up a rewards system where kids will have certain things they need to do each day to unlock the ability to spend time behind the screen.

For example, if they clean their bedroom they may be rewarded with 30 minutes of screen time. Set a firm limit to how much time your kids can earn though.

8. Divert Their Attention

Diverting your kids’ attention when they want to be behind the tablet screen will work up until a certain age.

Come up with things that they would like to do more such as a trip to the park or a recommended new Lego toy. Maybe even tell them if they go and spend time outdoors, they can have a dessert.

9. Install Apps That Challenge Your Kids

There are apps like StudyLock that will require your kids to answer a preset number of study questions before each use of their device.

This will help them study while they are behind the screen. It also might motivate them to find something else to do.

10. Hide… The Tablet

When you keep your tablet out of sight it is also out of mind. Kids won’t know where it is and therefore will find other things to do to occupy their time. Even a hunt for the tablet will get them active.

What do you think about these tips? Share us your thoughts and ways to break your child’s addiction to the iPad and other tablets.




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