12 Concentration Games and Toys for Kids

The brain of a kid is like a white paper with nothing written on it. As the kid grows up this paper starts to get filled up with what he learns with the passage of time.

Parents need to make sure that the kids learn the good things and avoid bad things. The best way to achieve that is through educational games and toys.


Here are top 12 concentration games and toys for kids that every child should play.

1. Educational Insight Space Faces

Do you want to add color to your kid’s learning? If yes, this game is for you. A smaller kid loves alien faces and this game has a lot of them.

Top concentration games

It improves your kids’ visual concentration level and forces him to think, which a good thing is. This game is designed for kids aged between 6-12 years and good for 2-4 players.

2. Beyond123 BambinoLUK Early Learning

If you are looking for a complete comprehensive set to give your kids a learning opportunity then there is no better option than Beyond123 Bambino LUK Early Learning Complete Set.

Good Concentration games for kids

It will improve your kid’s visual concentration and thinking capabilities. It is an ideal choice for kids in the range of 4-8 years old.

3. Ravensburger Highlights: Amusement Park

Give your kids puzzles to solve and their mental development will speed up. This maze puzzle set is designed with this in mind.

Kids' cool concentration-games

When your child thinks about which piece should be placed where, his brain starts to develop cognitive skills that will help the kid throughout his life. Highly recommended!

4. Trix Tracks – Hammer Slammer

Want to hone your kid’s imaginative powers? If yes, then Trix Tracks hammer slammer is the best option to go for. It is an ideal gift for kids aged between 3-8 years.

Fun concentration games for children

It will give a boost to the spatial perception of your kids. Another benefit of this product is that it is made up of eco-friendly materials.

5. At The Petting Zoo 47 Pieces Frame Puzzle

Don’t want to spend a lot of money on toys but still want to give your kids something to think and play with, then this puzzle set is for you.

Concentration games free for little kids

Instead of useless toys, give your kids this puzzle set and pave the way for their brain development and concentration skills.

6. BRIO Labyrinth with Extra Boards

In this exciting game, your kid has to use the handles to take the steel ball through the maze from one point to another.

Good concentration games for children

To adjust the levels, different boards are also available. For instance, a beginner board with fewer holes is also available. It helps in the development of motor skills, reasoning and perception along with coordination skills.

7. Ravensburger Horse’S Pasture – 100 Pieces Puzzle

Kids under the age of ten years will love this puzzle because they have their favorite animal on it and will be more willing to take part in solving the puzzle.

Good concentration games fo -little children

It is an excellent gift which will help in developing your kids thinking capacity. Apart from the color and animation, your kids will also learn important skills by solving these puzzles.

8. Beyond123 M4816 miniLUK Advance Collection

If you want to take your kid’s mental development to the next level, then this Beyond123 N4816 mini LUK Advance collection set will help you in your cause.

Games for concentration in little children

It will improve logical thinking of your kids while improving memory and concentration powers. Not only that, your kid can learn a thing or two about geometry.

9. Hasbro Perfection Game

Want to add a new dimension to your kids play, then this one is for you because it brings time into play, which helps improve your kids time management skills from an early age.

Easy concentration games online for boys and girls

Additionally, your kids can also learn shape recognition through this 25 piece puzzle set. You will notice improvements in your child’s speed and accuracy after solving this puzzle.

10. V-Cube 5 Multicolor

V-Cube 5 multicolor is one of the sturdiest multi-color set in the market so you don’t have to worry about damages. That is not all, it improves your cognitive function and concentration power at the same time.

Best concentrating games for children

Your kids have to make a strategy to achieve all the uniform color sides which forces them to think differently.

11. Bamboo Quattro Game

If you want to make your kids sharper or develop their concentration powers then bamboo Quattro game is the best solution. Your kids will have to make a plan and think differently to make a forest to win the game.

Memory concentration games for kids

The product is non-toxic and safe for your kids. Your kids have to drop cylindrical Quattro rings to align four colors in a row.

12. Ravensburger Make N Break Junior

If you have more than one kid, then this game is a good option to opt for. It provides all the kids with their own set of building blocks and puts them in competition with one another.

Concentration memory game

The kid that completes the structure first wins. It develops a sense of healthy competition among the kids and improves their hand-eye coordination.





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