21 Top-Rated Learning Toys for Tweens

Tweens find themselves to be too little to be a teen and too big to be a little kid. They’re learning and growing at an exponential pace as well as developing a load of different interests.


Parents should foster those interests as much as possible and buy toys that will only encourage their love of learning. That said, here are a few great suggestions for what to buy the tween in your life:

1.    Ozobot 2.0 (Bit)

New Educational-toys for tweens

Today’s world is becoming increasingly more reliant on coding, and Ozobot helps kids learn how to code. Using the Ozobot app, kids can drag and drop code that the robot will learn and respond to.

2.    Earth Science Crystals, Rocks, and Minerals

Top learning-toys for tweens pick

Kids who love science will adore this kit, which includes 13 different rock specimens. They can even grow three different crystals. Additionally, the kit includes information for 18 projects about rocks.

3.    Aggravation

Top learning toys for 9 year-olds kids

Board games are always a hit with kids of all ages. Aggravation requires 2-6 players to race around the board to get home, with the sneakiest players using the shortcuts. Kids can learn strategy and families will have a great time playing together.

4.    Thames & Kosmos Wind Power 2.0

Best-learning toys for 8-year tweens

Learn about renewable energy by building the wind turbines in this kit. The electricity generated by the apparatus can be used to recharge rechargeable batteries in a very green way. The kit includes two different types of wind turbine blades.

5.    Toysmith Giant Rocket Balloon Set #253

Top-rated educational-toys for tweens 2015

Get tweens and kids of all ages active by inflating these balloons and letting them go! The balloons will soar through the air like a rocket and the kit provides 85 of them for long-term fun.

6.    Thames & Kosmos Motors and Generators

New best 10-year-old-kids learning toys

Engineering can be fascinating for teens and this kit helps them learn about how motors work and how generators create the energy used to power those motors. The motor is made of clear plastic to better see how each component works.

7.    Ravensburger Science X Nature’s Energy Activity Kit

2015 top toys for 11-year-old-children

Encouraging green energy can begin even when kids are young when parents buy the Energy Activity Kit. Twenty-five different science activities promote understanding of all the different ways humans can generate electricity with materials around them.


8.    SmartLab Toys ReCon 6.0 Programmable Rover

Top-rated learning-toys for 12-year-tweens 2016

Foster coding and early math skills with this completely programmable roving robot. Kids can learn a variety of different projects including sending a special message to a friend or bringing a treat to the family dog.

9.    My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope

Best educational toys for 13-year-old tweens Picking

Every budding scientist needs a microscope of his or her very own. This model includes both pre-prepared slides and a few blank slides to add new specimens. It also operates both as a compound microscope and a dissecting stereo microscope.

10.    Estes 1491 Taser Rocket Launch Set

2015 best-educational gifts for tweens

Model rockets are always a hit because it’s fun to build and to achieve lift off with. Kids can decorate their rocket using the stickers provided and then with a grownup’s supervision, launch it into the air.

11.    Snap Circuits SC-300 Electronics Discovery Kit

Selected development-toys for boys and girls 2017

Great toys encourage creativity, learning, and has longevity. Snap circuits allows for 300 different building projects including radio and burglar alarm. No tools are required to build because all kids need to do is to snap the components in place.

12.    Educational Insights Magic Moves Talking Electronic Wand

Best-selling educational toys for kids 9-10-11

Encouraging kids to follow directions and get moving, the wand provides over 90 directions to follow. It’s a great tool for games like follow the leader and encourages development of creative movement.

13.    BRATZ the only girl with a passion for fashion

Tweens boys and girls play games

Bratz is a popular line of dolls for tween girls. This dvd player would make a lovely gift for fans to have in their room and plays a variety of CD based media. Plugged in DVD Player with full function remote control (plays DVD, CD, CD-R/RW)


15.    4D Vision Human Head Anatomy Model

Tween science products 2015 new

3-D models of the human body can be fascinating and this take apart model of the human head is no exception. This is especially great for tweens who are more visual learners as it enables them to more easily learn human anatomy.

16.    MindWare Blik-Blok

Latest learning gift items for children this season

Building with blocks encourages spatial awareness so Blik-Blok is a great puzzle game for kids of all ages. The set comes with cards/blue prints and kids try to build what is shown on the cards.

17.    SUCK UK My Life Story Diary

Learning toys ideas 2015 for tweens

Write up your tween’s life story using this adorable 1080 page book. There are even pages for extra information like a map of the world to record where they’ve gone.

18.   Famemaster 4D-Science Animal Cell Anatomy Model

Best mind game toys for children

For tweens who take life science or biology in school, the structure of the cell is one of the very first things they learn. A 4-D model will provide hands on experience for learning the building blocks of organic matter.

19.    4D-Vision Human Stomach Anatomy Model

Tween kids play learn games reviewing

This toy is great for kids who can’t learn easily using just a diagram when it comes time for anatomy class. Instead, this 4-D model of the human stomach is hand painted for medical accuracy.

20.    Sophisticated Science Perfume Science

Toys ideas for parents to choose for their kids this year

The link between taste and smell can be explored with this great kit. Kids can even play at mixing together perfume oils to create their own unique scents. The materials are all great quality too.

21.    Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing

How to pick best educational toys for tweens 2015

Time to get creative with crystals! Tweens can learn about how crystals occur naturally and how they can be grown in a lab. Then they can mold fantastic shapes and create crystals in the shape too.

Toys can be fun, engaging, and encourage learning. As kids begin transition to being a teen, it’s important to make sure they’re playing with the right things. Pick anything from this list and your tween will love it!




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