Topzy Tumblers Twirlin’ Tumblin’ Fun Park

Topzy Tumblers Twirlin' Tumblin' Fun Park Review

Having an amusement park in the house? That is what most people could quip about when they heard about this wonderful piece of child amusement gadget. Because it is coming with a bag full of fun goodies and even more fun.

This amusement gadget helps bring the child up to speed with the diverse skills in life and also provides the equal amount of fun.


Getting to have a feel of the uniquely set fun gadget is enough to satisfy the baby’s physical self while also provides other amusement areas in the form of music and lights for the child to appreciate what happens in his environment.

Topzy Tumblers Twirlin' Tumblin'

Topzy Tumblers Twirlin’ Tumblin’ Fun Park features

There are several features which are known to make this toy that fantastic.

It is battery powered – the fun implements has to be powered by 3 C batteries for it to be able to work with the several other areas like the sound effects, spins, and light. The battery is also important in providing the child with a relatively safe, manageable source of power independent of the house DC sources.

A set of smiling tumblers – which are usually flipping in the face of the baby giving him an opportunity to grasp several scientific concepts and helps develop the mind. These also help in giving the child some amusement with the clickety-clack sounds. While the tumblers make the larger chunk of this toy, they are also meant to give the child an imaginative edge thus developing creativity.

Several rollers – these are meant to help give the baby different effects. The rollers are the best places the child gets to learn the several other areas in nature.

Lighting systems – these develop the visual effects which make the baby develop the visual faculty and the ability to discern the different color effects.


Topzy Tumblers Twirlin' Tumblin' Fun Park Toy Review

Who can use this learning toy?

This is meant for the play group of ages 1 to 2 years. However, all children love to play with it and so even children of 3 to 5 years old can comfortably play with this toy.

What’s more, its target for developing the child’s different faculties is important in helping the child create a wonderful world out of fun.

Topzy Tumblers Twirlin' Tumblin' Fun Park Toy

Why the Topzy Tumblers?

The level of amusement given by the toy is unmatched. With the several exciting features all meant to give the baby all the developmental advantages over its peers, no parent can afford to miss having this toy around the house.

The upsides of the Topzy Tumblers toy:

It is educationally sound– the several features combined to help the child develop several of its faculties is one reason why it is worth your baby’s time. The challenge provided by the tumblers is enough to improve the child’s imagination and creative self.

Beautiful– this toy is nice to look at literally. With the diverse colorations and the shape, the child has a companion worth giving him the confidence moving forward.

Funny– the toy is meant to be funny and that is what it gives the child in its rightful measure. With its play parts in action, the child is bound to get amused from any angle he looks at it.

The downsides of Topzy Tumblers:

Cumbersome – there are several other minute parts of this toy and in most cases, the parent has to assemble and the assembly process is what causes lots of trouble to the parents.

Prone to failure – while going for this piece of toy, don’t raise your hopes so much that the music will work there is always a possibility that the music may not play as anticipated.

Topzy Tumblers Twirlin' Tumblin' Fun Park Toy Review* Verdict: Topzy Tumblers Twirlin’ Tumblin’ Fun Park child toy has the best chance of giving your little one the best form of amusement while spurring his or her growth holistically.



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