VTech InnoTab Max Kids’ Tablet

Vtech innotab max kids tablet for children

Age Range: 3 Years and Up.

1.    What is VTech InnoTab Max Kids’ Tablet?

The VTech InnoTab Max is an innovative, new and fun children’s tablet that offers apps, pictures and video geared towards your kids’ learning. This cool product gives your child the best of both worlds, they get to learn and have fun at the same time.

The tablet features 7” multi-touch screen that has a high-resolution display, fast processor and Android operating system. This means as your child grows older you will not have to worry about them losing interest in using the tablet.


The VTech InnoTab Max has a library of over 650 apps and hundreds of Android based games. The system is also compatible with Toca Boca apps, Toca Lab and Toca Pet Doctor.

Vtech innotab max kids tablet for-babies

Users can also browse the internet using WiFi and explore online games and websites that have been preselected by VTech or parent approved so that your child is not able to google without proper guidance.

Another great feature is being able to sign up for VTech Kid Connect. This program allows kids to be able to send text and voice messages, take photos, draw, group chat and multi-player gaming.

2. Who is VTech InnoTab Max Kids’ Tablet for?

The VTech InnoTab Max is a great toy not just for young toddlers, but for elementary school children as well.

The tablet is a fully functioning tablet that allows children to play games, videos, pictures and download music. It is very user friendly, especially for children with large app sizes, beautiful color and folding stand/cover to display or put it away.

Vtech innotab max kids tablet review

The tablet also connects to wifi allowing parents to teach their children how to browse the internet for other games, videos and apps to try out.

The android app store features over 650 apps that children starting at the age 3 and up will be able to enjoy.

Whether your child is just turning three or going on seven they will have fun playing with this tablet.

They will get to mimic using a computer with the parents being able to block and watch what apps they can and can’t use with the tablet.

3.    Why is buying VTech InnoTab Max Kids’ Tablet?

Parents will be buying this toy for their toddlers, preschoolers and elementary age children. As they grow older they can download new apps, videos and games to keep them entertained as their knowledge is expanding.

The tablet will come with 18 preloaded apps that include magic beanstalk, art studio, wonder cam, and movie maker.

Games for Vtech innotab max kids tablet

These apps are great for parents to introduce their children to technology, reading, color and talking skills. The child will learn how to read different letters, names of the apps, the locations of the apps which will give them a sense of memorizing and putting things in order.

There is no mess other than folding the tablet and putting it away once your child is done. If they want to color they can use the art app and create their own colorful picture just the way they like, which is less clean up or markers on the wall for you.

Every parent will enjoy teaching their kids the basics of technology they will be using in years to come.

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Cons for VTech InnoTab Max Kids’ Tablet:

■    Price, but not too high
■    Not compatible with entire Android app store

Pros for VTech InnoTab Max Kids’ Tablet:

■    Large 7” Screen
■    Easy for children to use
■    Technology for young kids starting at the age of 3





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