Vtech Kidizoom Plus Digital Camera

Age Range: 3-7 years.

What is Vtech Kidizoom Plus Digital Camera?

If your young child’s been grabbing at your own digital camera, wanting to take pictures, but you’re afraid they’ll break it, get the Vtech Kidizoom Plus Digital Camera!

It’s built specifically for kids with some pretty impressive features that you might not otherwise expect from a kid’s toy.


It’s so fantastic that you could consider it “training wheels”–or pixels, rather, for when your child’s old enough to handle an adult camera.

Vtech Kidizoom plus digital camera for children

From the big-bumper handles, which are great for small hands, to the SD card slot and headphones, this toy digital camera is packed with features that will let your child feel like she’s part of the shutterbug action when you take your own camera out.

The camera has a 1.8” color LCD screen to assist with subject alignment, cables that connect to your TV and PC for adding special effects and cropping photos, plus video viewing and playback. The camera also comes with two interchangeable face plates so your child can make the camera his or her own.

In addition to all these amazing features, your child can take up to 120 still photos or 5 minutes of video, just with the native 16 MB of memory, and like cameras for adults, the Kidizoom has an SD card slot so your little shutterbug can extend the fun a good deal more.

Keeping the preschooler age bracket in mind, of course, there are three games on the camera for them to play in between photo “sessions.”

Kidizoom plus digital camera for preschoolers

Who is Vtech Kidizoom Plus Digital Camera for?

The age range for this toy camera is 3-7 years, and the company definitely made provisions for the younger age range by providing the large handles on the side and the big buttons as well as the games that they added for the preschooler set.

The other great thing about giving a younger child this camera is that the camera’s built to handle being dropped a lot more than a camera intended for adults.

As the child gets older, with parental guidance, a child can learn how to use the LCD screen to set up the subject alignment.

Of course, there are going to be super-bright kids who pick up on how to use the controls at a fairly early age once their fascination and imagination’s been stoked, so it’s good that the age range is so wide.

Again, this camera can serve as “training wheels” for when your child’s ready to handle a more expensive adult camera.

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Why Buy Vtech Kidizoom Plus Digital Camera?

This is an excellent introduction to photography for the little ones in your life who are fascinated when you bring out your own camera.

The skills that come with taking pictures with an adult camera are brought down more to your child’s age level, especially with the big buttons for photo manipulation once the camera’s plugged into a TV or PC.

Also, the crazy effects that can be added to the photos will spark your child’s imagination. Give them the power and creative fun of learning photography, especially if they get to take pictures at a family get-together or other kind of party.

Plus, being able to see their first pictures instantly will fuel their excitement to learn—especially when they figure out how to stay still so the pictures won’t be blurry.

Kidizoom plus digital camera review pink blue

Cons for Kidizoom Plus Digital Camera:

•    Takes 4 batteries (not included), so if you’ve got a budding photographer on your hands, be prepared to spend money on batteries.
•    Only comes in pink at this point in time, which might be an issue if the gift is for a child whose favorite color is purple or green.
•    You can hook this camera up to a printer, but the pictures may not be the best resolution for printing.

Pros for Kidizoom Plus Digital Camera:

•    Headphones come with the camera so when your child plays the games on the camera, you’re less likely to be bothered by the repetition and noise.
•    An SD slot is provided to add additional space for your little shutterbug to take lots of pictures and videos
•    Made ultra-tough to handle those inevitable mishaps of being dropped and kicked around.
•    A great way to share your love of photography with your child without them breaking your own camera.
•    You can use a regular SD card with this camera, instead of having to get a mini version like the ones for smart-phones.

Kids' Vtech Kidizoom plus digital camera reviewing

Final verdict:

This camera is full of features, thus is clearly likely to be a battery hog, but then even many adult cameras go through batteries like crazy.

You can likely try rechargeables with this toy and see how they work, just to save yourself some money. But even if rechargeables don’t work, you can still consider the purchase of Kidizoom Plus Digital Camera and its batteries an investment in a new—and lasting—hobby that your child can take into adulthood.



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