Vtech Storio 2 Tablet con Rufus Game

Vtech Storio 2 Tablet con Rufus GameAge range: 1- 8 years.

What is Storio 2 Tablet con Rufus?

The Spanish Storio 2 Tablet is a children’s tablet that features a built-in digital camera for pictures and videos. It works with its game compatible software.

The Storio 2 Tablet comes with 2GB of storage, but you can use a separate memory external memory card of up to 32GB to add new pictures and games to the tablet.


The tablet features a five-inch screen and a tilt sensor. There is a photo viewer, video player, built-in mp3 player, book reader, art studio, games and built-in microchip.

You can customize the tablet for up to four different people by creating a separate username and avatar. There is a multiple range of accessories for the table including bags, cases and covers for you to change it up or keep it spill-proof while eating snacks.

Storio 2 Tablet con Rufus Games

Who is Storio 2 Tablet con Rufus for?

The toy is for children starting one up to eight years old. The toy is great for young children who aren’t old enough to use the computer but need something to do that is fun and portable.

This is great for young children on long car rides or at home just to use for quiet sit fun and relax time. Children will love playing with their Storio 2 tablet con Rufus game all the time, and with new apps, games and music to download you won’t have to worry about your child being bored or wanting to stop using the tablet.

Your child will learn aspects of visual attention, colors, counting, art, writing, drawing, geography, reading, logic games, memorizing games, music, problem solving and vocabulary skills.

With this tablet there aren’t many things a child can’t do. They will also learn multitasking and time management skills which will help them prepare for learning more difficult tasks growing up.

Overall the tablet is built to last and played for years to come.

Storio 2 Tablet con Rufus Game for children for kids

Who should buy Storio 2 Tablet con Rufus?

Parents should definitely buy this for their child if they are between three and ten years old. The toy will keep their interest while learning how to play with various apps, music, stories and more.

Children will have a fun time while not wasting markers, crayons or making you pay for books and videos that are already part of the Vtech Storio Tablet con Rufus game.

Buying this tablet is a great investment for your young children and that is cheaper than buying an actual tablet in which they might break.

Your child will be able to use it for many years and upgrade it to more age appropriate games as they grow up.

Adults can also use it to bond with their children and have down time without possible writing on the walls or screaming around the house.

Vtech Storio 2 Tablet con Rufus Game for children review

Cons for Storio 2 Tablet:

•    Not compatible with other systems
•    Can only use Storio 2 software on the device
•    Good for child use, but is larger than a normal tablet and will take up space in your bag.
•    Powered by 4AA batteries or an adapter which are not included.

Pros for Storio 2 Tablet:

  • Great beginners tablets
  • Fun for the family and children to use
  • Learn how to take pictures and use applications
  • Learn computer skills such as opening the apps, making pictures and videos, app art, and reading
  • You learn how to use the device while playing it at the same time
  • You can add memory to the device to maximize your playing skills
  • Features up to 15 educational applications
  • Over 300 games, Stories, videos, and songs for download

Storio 2 Tablet con Rufus Game for children




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