VTech V.Flash Home Edutainment System

VTech V.Flash Home Edutainment System for children

For children 6 to 12 years old.

What is VTech V.Flash Home Edutainment System?

This is a child-friendly video game that is loaded with fun and learning. It has awesome features that will surely captivate the hearts of children.

The contents are not only wholesome and clean, but every V.Disc can stand up to every child’s play. It has a protective screen and every V.Disc is scratch-proof, promotes safety and very easy to play.


The V.Flash Edutainment System includes an adaptor and a joystick as well as disc bracket to ensure fast and easy loading. It can also play regular CDs for music.

Who is VTech V.Flash Home Edutainment System for?

This home entertainment and education gadget is good for boys and girls aged 6 to 12 years old. Vtech V.Flash is offering complete excitement and fun of various video games without turning the child’s mind into mush.

The system features of the V.Flash are designed to stimulate and entertain the brain of the child. This video game is proven safe and effective in teaching and entertaining the young minds today.

It comes in a bundle of Krazy Race in Jumping Bean Island that will make the young minds go racing. Other discs are offered separately and there are so many kinds of learning discs to choose from.

The system comes with lots of amazing features and included packages to provide edutainment (education and entertainment) to the kids.

VTech V.Flash Home Edutainment System for the kids

Why buy VTech V.Flash Home Edutainment System?

Since it has a 3D graphics, real-life images and high-quality sound, children will surely love the Vtech V.Flash exclusive home system.

This playing system can assure all parents that their kids will be totally entertained and learn a lot from this video game.

Not only they are offering fun and entertainment, but they are also teaching the children basic information that they can use as part of the education system.

When it comes to advantages, the Vtech V.Flash is the right video game for every child. It is not only easy to play, but it also has unique modes such as Smart Play Game Zone and Knowledge World and Creative Workshop.

Since this is Vtech V.Flash, it is a bit pricey compared to other video games, so not everyone can afford this game. However, for those who are looking for a child-friendly video game, this Vtech V.Flash home edutainment system is the perfect video game for everyone.

This Vtech will prove that no amount of money can compare to the laughter and education that children can get from this video game.

VTech V.Flash Home Edutainment System reviews

Pros and Cons for VTech.V.Flash Edutainment System

This exclusive home edutainment system delivers fun and interesting activities and games that are specially designed to stimulate the brain and at the same time provide kid-friendly entertainment.

The thing that makes this VTech.V.Flash Edutainment System different from the rest is its amazing and impressive educational content.

Aside from being impressed with the educational content included, parents are also amazed with the quality of graphics which makes kids more interested and inclined.

Another advantage of getting this system is that it comes with child-safe features. With the easy loading, educational content, convenient controls and many other amazing features, parents will surely be impressed to purchase VTech.V.Flash Edutainment System for their kids.

Many have bought this and were very happy with their purchase. This system is a product worth investing for not just because it delivers plenty of advantages but it also plays its part in the development of your kids.

The VTech.V.Flash Edutainment System is another excellent learning product worth investing for.





  1. Very impressed! Love the fact its educational also plays regular music CD.s which we have plenty with nursery rhymes short stories teaches the child while they are introduced to the gaming world! !!as I’ve never let my children be gamers, the great outdoors is way healthier. I wont feel guilty letting my grandson be a gamer with Vtec, in a non violent gaming way. Thanks vtec.

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