Why Kids Can’t Concentrate And Ways To Help Them Focus

How to get kids to focusThere are certain kids who are unable to concentrate on a particular thing at a time and they get distracted easily. Many reasons are pointed out for children’s lack of concentration, but parents and teachers assume that the problem is the lack of motivation.

They believe that the little ones are not trying hard enough to pay attention to the subject being taught and do everything in their means to make the kid concentrate. Forcing your kid to pay attention only makes the problem worse!

With this article, I hope that you can find some solutions to that problem. Some researchers have come to the conclusion that most children don’t know how to pay attention. When these children reaches adulthood they still lack the skills to maintain focus.

Psychologists have found out that the lack of focus is due to the underdevelopment of the pre-frontal cortex of the brain (Executive Function). If the Executive Function is underdeveloped then the child may find it hard to control his/her impulses and unable to concentrate on a particular thing for long.

How to help kids focus and concentrate

The child may not be able to hold the information presented by his teachers or parents in his/her working memory. Your kid is unable to pay attention to what you want him/her to pay attention to due to this.

Children with ADHD are unable to pay attention to a specific thing because they can’t selectively focus on one thing. But we can teach a child how to selectively focus on one thing at a time. This skill can be learned and practiced and it may be much easier than teaching your kid alphabets.

The more a child can practice keeping his/her focus and resist distraction, the more richly connected neural connections are formed in his/her brain.

Children concentration and focus

4 Practical Ways to Help Your Child Pay Attention

1. Pay attention to what your kid has to say

Kids hate to concentrate on things that they do not want to do. If you pay attention to your kids then you can find out why they do not like the activity that you want them to do.

A parent or teacher needs to be flexible and creative to make the activity more enjoyable to the child. Academic tasks in schools are more structured, repetitive and not all kids excel in such environments.

If you are teaching your kid’s alphabets then you can make the process more entertaining, by helping your kids create their own ABC book. The kids can cut pictures of things from newspapers and magazines that start with an “A”.

Since their motor skills are also used in the process the kid would find this type of education more entertaining. You can also increase your kid’s attention by introducing board games and memory games to your kids.

Participating in an activity with your children also helps to improve the attention span of your children because your children would feel more involved in the activity.

Your kids may feel that their effort is also valuable in completing the activity. Kids also seem to realize that they are accountable for their actions while doing certain activities with their parents.

Helping kids focus and concentrate

2. Chunks & Breaks are important

The work given to your kids should be in small “chunks” so that they can complete them without spending a lot of time on it. Interactive circle time activities can increase the concentration of your kids.

Break the seatwork of your child in primary grades to smaller sections. The kids need to work on each section for 5 minutes and then shift his or her attention to table toys for a minute or two.

You can gradually extend the time before getting a break if the process is successful.

3. Teach your kids to get organized

How to help kids' concentrationYou can teach your kids to set goals and break those goals to simple steps. These simple steps should be completed in order to reach the goals.

Spot your kids procrastinating tactics and help them overcome their self-doubts and fears. Only then your kids will have the motivation to keep working on the tasks till they complete it.

A parent should teach their kids on how to use calendars, to-do lists, timers and alarms to improve their productivity. The importance of a tidy and organized workspace should also be taught to your kids.

4. Meditation

Meditation can improve attention, focus, and self-control in children and adults. You need to do the meditation along with your children in initial stages to get your child interested in that activity.




  1. Johnny Robert says

    Kids concentration level is low, as far as I know, they will always be attracted to something new to them. We need some specific techniques to gain their focus. Your tips are useful and I somehow find it helpful to parents. Thanks.

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