Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot reviewsWonder Workshop Dash Robot is one of the most sophisticated toy robots available in the market today. This little blue robot will be your kids’ best friend while at the same time teaching them to be creative and introduce them to the world of technology and programming.

When we were kids, we used to see our childhood heroes in cartoon movies with their high-tech gadgets and robot friends. Many children back then dreamed about having their own robots, unfortunately as we grew older we realized that it was all just a dream.


But today, this is no longer a dream, as the robotic technology has been so improved, several toy manufacturers now can produce toy robots that can do many things other than just making noises and walking in a straight line like most toy robots in our childhood.

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot reviewing toy

What is Wonder Workshop Dash Robot toy?

Dash robot is a cute explorer that can do a lot of different things. With the help of its sophisticated sensors, Dash can detect objects around it, able to hear where you are, and the best thing is your kids can actually make their own program for the robot.

To be able to play with Wonder Workshop Dash  robot, you will need a compatible device that runs on Apple iOS or Android to work with the applications designed specifically to control the robot.

There are 3 basic apps to control Dash: Go, Path, and Blockly. Go is an application to set up your robot. You can use it to give Dash commands such as moving around, making noises and turning on the lights. Path is an app to make your robot moves in a specific path. Blockly is an app that you can use to create your own program. You can make your own dance moves or other cool stuff with this app.

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot for children

Who is Wonder Workshop Dash Robot for?

The recommended age for this toy is 5 years and up. Children under 5 years old might find some difficulties to use the apps, but older kids will have a blast playing with Dash, even adults can enjoy playing with this cute robot.

Why buying Wonder Workshop Dash robot toy?

Dash is not just a toy, it teaches kids to learn the 21st-century skills. With the ability to create their own program, your kids will learn how to solve problems while at the same time also learn how a robotic technology actually works in a simple and super fun way. Furthermore, Dash will also encourage your kids to be more creative because it allows them to create new games and integrate the robot in whatever activity they like.

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot price

Pros for Wonder Workshop Dash  robot:

• Hi-tech toy with simple interface.
• Very educative, will help children learn about programming and problem solving.
• Encourage children to be creative.
• Able to do many things and could be integrated to many different games like in a make believe tea party for example.

Cons for Wonder Workshop Dash  robot:

• Some people might find it a little expensive.
• Requires a compatible device that’s not included in the package to run the apps.
• Accessories like Xylophone and building brick extensions are not included.

Wonder Workshop Dash robot is one of the most awesome educational toys for kids out there!

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot reviewing

Dash drawing video clip

Dash solves a maze




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