Wonderworld Rocking Crocodile

Age Range: 18 months to 5 years.

What is Wonderworld Rocking Crocodile?

This product is a giant plush crocodile mounted on a strong wooden rocking base. It is made from multicolored, biodegradable fabrics.

The entire crocodile can be easily removed for cleaning. The easy removal also allows it to double as a stuffed toy, or a pillow.


Wonderworld rocking crocodile toy for kids review

Who is Wonderworld Rocking Crocodile for?

This is the type of toy that any inquisitive, active child will like. They will be able to ride on it and enjoy the rocking motion, and take the plush toy off for a wide variety of imaginative play.

The manufacture recommends this toy for ages 18 months to 5 years. Some younger children may enjoy it with an adult’s assistance.

Young children will love the bells in the tail! This toy should not be used by very young children who can’t support their own heads, but since the tail is high, young toddlers will have no problems balancing on it.

Why should you buy Wonderworld Rocking Crocodile toy?

If you enjoy beautifully designed toys that will stand the test of time, this is one to add to your collection. With it’s high quality wood base, it will last through many children.

The crocodile itself is made of vibrant colors to stimulate your young one’s imagination and decorate your living space. This is the type of toy you will want to leave out in the open because everyone will enjoy looking at it.

If your child is too young to rock on it, they can simply enjoy using the crocodile as a pillow until they gain enough physical balance to rock the toy. The fabric is easy to clean, so it’s suitable for every age.

Parents have noted that they feel safe allowing their child to use it, because it is low to the ground. If a child does fall off while using it, they are unlikely to be hurt.

Cons for Wonderworld Rocking Crocodile:

1. Because it is a rocking toy, children might get their hands or feet pinched under it if not taught how to use it properly.
2. It is a fairly expensive toy.

Pros for Wonderworld Rocking Crocodile:

1. It’s brightly colored and will liven up your living space.
2. A wide range of ages will enjoy it.
3. It’s easy to clean.
4. It’s made from biodegradable, environmentally responsible materials.

Wonderworld rocking crocodile for children

Final Verdict:

The Wonderworld Rocking Crocodile is a great buy for anyone with small children. It is made from high quality materials that are designed to last much longer than many of the toys currently on the market.

Parents and grandparents will enjoy watching the children in their lives enjoy this toy. If a child is properly taught how to use it (i.e. is reminded not to put their hands or feet under the rockers), they’ll be very safe while they play with the toy.

Since the plush crocodile can be removed, the toy is versatile enough to please almost any child. This Rocking Crocodile should be recommended to anyone looking for a well made, physically and mentally stimulating toy for their child.




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