Zometool Creator 3 Construction Kit

Age Range: 6 – 14 years.

What is Zometool Creator 3?

This is a creator building set that is designed to stimulate the imagination of almost any child. It is similar to toys like K-Nex.

This set includes 738 different parts, so there’s plenty of room for experimentation and imagination. The tool encourages exploration and children can build their own designs.


Kids can learn to follow written directions by using the step-by-step instructions that are included in the kit.

The learning toy earned multiple awards and was included in Forbes’ “Top Toys That Kindle Kids’ Creativity’ and Time’s “Toys That Will Make Your Kids Smarter”.

100% USA made and designed entirely from safe materials, the kit comes in a divided box that contains a variety of colored rods (red, yellow, and blue) and connectors.

Zometool Creator 3 construction kit reviews

Who is Zometool Creator 3 for?

Any child who enjoys building and creating will love this toy. It’s a great toy for the whole family to enjoy. It does have small parts that may present a choking hazard to very young children though.

It’s possible to build hundreds, if not thousands, of different things with the Creator 3.

Even though it is designed to make geometric shapes, you can make almost anything with it. Some customers have even used it to make home decorations.

Creator-3 construction toy for kids

Why should you buy Zometool Creator 3 toy?

This is the type of toy that could last for generations and stimulate lifelong learning for your budding builders, scientists, and even artists.

It can even promote math skills as you build symmetrical models. Science can also come to life with this kit when you help children design the amazing patterns that appear in nature though this kit.

The individual parts have a lifetime guarantee. It is recommended that you use caution when disassembling your creations, because the rods can break. If they do break, Zometool will replace them for free.

The pieces fit together securely, but are easy to take apart when you want to build something else. It’s also much easier to assemble these parts because they are color coded.

This toy will result in much less frustration than some other building toys.

Cons for Zometool Creator 3:

1.    Small parts that may post a choking hazard to young children
2.    A storage box that can be difficult to use
3.    If you want to build enormous creations, you may have to buy a second kit
4.    Rods can break, though they will be replaced by the lifetime warranty, it is just an inconvienience if several rods break while you are trying to build something

Pros for Zometool Creator 3:

1.    Plenty of pieces, so you can build one large scale model, or several small ones.
2.    Something almost anyone in the family can enjoy playing with
3.    An educational toy that promotes fun while teaching a variety of concepts
4.    A toy that has been featured in a number of well respected lists
5.    Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty

Builing toy creator-3

Final Verdict:

This is the type of toy you should own if your kids already like K-Nex or Lego. A large building set like this one, will entertain them for hours while they learn how to build and design.

Every family should check out Zometool and the great products they make, and add Zometool Creator 3 Construction Kit to their playroom.



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