Best Toys for 7 Month Old Babies

Help your 7 month old baby to acquire good early skills through playing development toys can be an excellent idea. These awesome learning toys can be easily found and bought for your beloved little at Amazon or other online toy vendors.


 1. Go Baby Go! 1-2-3 Crawl Along Snail

Best learning-toys for 7-month-old babies

This cool toy will snap the attention of your baby with different things to learn. Acting like a friend of your baby with the mirror, the toy will play music, vibrate in different motions and crawl along with your child.

2. Kaylee & Ryan Circle Bead Maze Wooden Toys for Kids

Top educational toys for 7-month-olds
This well-assembled and easy-to-wash item is one of the safest toys for your baby. It has bright attractive colors which are harmless for your baby and it also contains pieces of different shapes and sizes. Already fixed, this learning toy is for the babies who are eager to discover the world.

3. Green Toys My First Stacker

Top selling toys for 7 month children
This safe toy is made up of recycled jugs and has 8 different pieces which can be easily fixed into one another. It can be also used for older kids than 6 month as well.

4. Rhyme and Discover Book

7 month baby toys
This toy is amazing for educational purpose with 6 pages containing nursery rhymes and some little movable pieces. It also has sounds of different phrases and flashes attractive lights.

5. Green Toys Shape Sorter Baby Toy

Toys for seven month old kids
This baby product has different shapes like stars and circles and these things can be fixed into one big plastic piece. Very safe and easy to clean, it will be helpful for the growth of mind of your little baby.

6. Fisher-Price Light-Up Lion Stacker

Best development toys for seven monthsThis fun toy for babies has colorful stars and on the top of them there is a friendly plastic lion. The stars contain different clolor lights and enjoyable music for your beloved seven month old baby.


7. Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Laptop

Top-rated gifts for 7-m baby boys & girls
This small laptop has different numbered buttons playing music and phrases. Very helpful for the educational and entertaining purpose for your tiny baby.

8. Fisher-Price Magical Musical Mirror

7 month boy and girl item shopping
It is a unique mirror toy with music that will entertain your baby and make your baby laugh all day. The product also contains a lipstick, a bracelet… Mostly for baby girls.

9. Laugh & Learn Puppy’s Smart Train

Best interative toys for 7 month old boys

This toy train can play 50 different songs and some phases as well. It crawls on the floor and make your baby happy with figures including monkeys and puppies.

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10. LeapFrog Sing and Play Farm

Best selling toys for 7 month-old girls
This cool toy produces many animal sounds and it also sings different phrases that help your baby to learn vocabulary. A very safe and easy to play toy.

11. My Pal Violet

Birthday gift for seven month babies
It’s a very lovely puppy toy that is customizable and your little one can play favorite things of your choice. The small dog can be connected to the internet to get changed with the list of 30 songs.

12. Busy Learners Activity Cube – Limited Edition

Cool toys for your 7-month children
This cube box can give out sounds of different animals and songs. When your seven-month-old baby sits on the butons or crawls around the cube, the songs or animal sounds will automatically play.


13. Baby Lil’ Critters Roll and Discover Ball

Fun toy selected for 7 month child
It is a ball like toy with bright animal pictures. The learning toy has sensors and when your baby moves it or crawls with it, different sounds and phrases will be automatically played.

14. VTech Musical Rhymes Book

Recommended toys for little-babies of seven-month-old
This electronic rhyme book is excellent for your baby’s learning. It has a few pages which are easy to turn and contain 6 nursery rhymes and 40 songs. The book also has buttons as well to play different sounds and phrases.

15. Baby’s Learning Laptop

Best 7 month baby electronic toys
This is an amazing toy for your kid to discover shapes, objects, and music. It also contains 9 buttons which make it look like a laptop and the toy can play 90 plus songs, phrases and tunes.

16. LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket

Good toys for 7 month olds
This is a real picnic basket toy because it has different food pieces in it. What more, it has different songs and can be customizable as well.

17. Baby’s First Blocks and Rock Stack Bundle

Selected top toys for seven month baby girl or boy
This educational toy has block pieces of different shapes with bright and unique colors. It is great for skill developing for your 7 month old baby.




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