Learning to Build with 48 Jumbo Blocks


This educational toy is a high-quality plastic brick set bringing fun to kids age 12 months up to 10 years. The 48 Jumbo Blocks are designed to be the first building toy a child plays with.

With bright colors and durable plastic, it’s safe and easy for small children to handle due to the large size of the pieces. The toy set includes forty brightly coloured 8”x4” blocks, and eight 4”x4” blocks.



Who are 48 Jumbo Blocks for?

This toy is designed for children aged 12 months and up. It is most popular among toddlers, but can be used by much older children too, as it is a lot of fun regardless of one’s age. Any child that has started to express interest in putting things together will love this learning toy.

Since the blocks are very large, they can be used to build forts, play houses, bridges, fences and more. Some adults have even been able to walk on bridges made with these bricks. Since they are American made, you can trust their quality.


Why buy 48 Jumbo Blocks toy set?

This toy promotes learning and skill development in young children. They can learn to match colors and sizes, and will develop fine motor skills when attempting to interlock the bricks and design their own creations.

The set comes with a small idea booklet to help kids and parents decide what to build until they are comfortable with the bricks.

It is the type of toy that can bring the family together. Everyone can get involved in designing new structures that can later be used for all kinds of fun games and activities.

If more pieces are desired, they can be purchased in smaller and larger kits. Specialty pieces like windows are also available to add to the set.

The 48 Jumbo Blocks could last for generations. This is also the type of toy that would be very popular at Grandma’s house and make the grandkids want to visit often!


Cons for 48 Jumbo Blocks:

  • These are bulky items to have in the house
  • They may not be compatible with any other building brick sets, such as Mega Blocks

Pros for 48 Jumbo Blocks:

  • They are made in the U.S.A., out of good quality materials.
  • They are huge and great for building forts, castles and more!
  • They are safe for small children because they pose no choking risk



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